How to get to Turin

Thanks to its position – which is easily accessible by car, train and plane – Torino is the natural connection point between the alpine valleys that surround it and many national and international connections pass through the city.



At the airport, in front of the Arrival terminal, it is easy to find a taxi or rent a car. You can also get to Turin by train or bus.

    The train network SFMA connects the airport to the GTT Dora station with a 19 minute ride, from there you can easily reach Porta Susa station, the subway line and the city center. The ticket, which costs 3,00 €, is valid for 120 minutes from its validation on SFMA, subway, urban and suburban GTT transport.
    GTT – SFM – www.sfmtorino.it
    Starting 11 September 2017 a new bus line connects Dora Station and Porta Susa station, allowing commuters and tourists to easily reach the airport.
  • BY BUS
    The bus service that connects the airport to the city center takes about 45 minutes and stops in Porta Susa and Porta Nuova. The ticket costs 6,50 € and it can be bought on board with a 1,00 € extra charge.
    SADEM – www.sadem.it
    Taxis are easily found outside the arrival building and reach the city center in approximately 30 minutes with a fee of around 30,00 €.
    TAXI TORINO – www.taxi-torino.it
    You can find car rental companies at the airport, they have offices inside the arrival terminal and in the multifloor parking garage.

A transportation service for passengers with disabilities is active to and from the airport: the dedicated means of transportation are easily found in an accessible area outside the arrival terminal. Passengers that would like to use this service should contact the free phone number at least 48 hours in advance. (9.00-13.00 / 14.00-15.00).
800.514999 – www.aeroportoditorino.it

Torino is also connected to Malpensa International Airport (100km ca) and Bergamo Orio al Serio (190km ca) with daily buses.
SADEM – www.sadem.it


Turin is an important transit point for trains, especially for its connection to the rest of Italy and Europe with the high speed trains in the Lion-Paris direction with Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, Italo and TGV trains.

There are five stations in the city, two of which are international (Porta Nuova and Porta Susa) while the other three are mainly used for local and urban trains (SFM).

Porta Nuova – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 53
Porta Susa – Corso Bolzano
Lingotto – Via Pannunzio 1
Stura – Corso Romania 501
Rebaudengo Fossata – Via Fossata

The connections to and from the airport (and the Valli di Lanzo beyond it) and the Alto Canavese area are provided by GTT – Gruppo Torinese Trasporti form the following stations:

Dora – Via Giachino
Porta Susa – Corso Bolzano

The  RFI  (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) offers assistance to people with reduced mobility in the stations of Torino Porta Nuova, Torino Porta Susa, Torino Lingotto, Bardonecchia, Chivasso, Collegno, Ivrea, Oulx (Cesana-Claviere-Sestriere), Pinerolo.

For more information and reservations: 800.90.60.60 (from land line) and (from land line and mobile)

For more information and train schedule:
Trenitalia – www.trenitalia.com
NTV – Italo – www.italotreno.it
GTT – SFM – www.sfmtorino.it
SNCF – TGV –  www.tgv-europe.com/it


Five highways are connected to the city through the bypass (tangenziale) that flanks Turin to the north, west and south:

A4 Trieste-Venezia-Milano-Torinowww.autostrade.it
T1/T2-A5 Traforo del Monte Bianco-Aosta-Torinowww.ativa.it –   www.tunnelmb.com
A6 Savona-Torinowww.autostrade.it
A21 Piacenza-Torino – www.autostrade.it
T4-A32 Traforo del Fréjus-Torinowww.sitaf.itwww.tunneldufrejus.com

The bypass A55 provides many junctions around the city (including the airport, Lingotto, Juventus Stadium, Rivoli, Venaria Reale, Stupinigi); the main junctions to reach the city center are Corso Regina Margherita (Nord) e Corso Allamano (Sud).

A wide road network connects Turin with the surrounding areas and from there to the main national and trans-european roads:

SS 10 Monselice (Pd)-Torino
SS 11 Venezia-Torino
SS 20 Ventimiglia-Col di Tenda (Cn)-Torino
SS 23 Francia-Sestriere-Torino
SS 24 Francia-Cesana Torinese-Torino
SS 25 Francia-Colle del Moncenisio-Torino
SS 26 Francia/Svizzera-Aosta-Torino


There is also an extensive bus network that connects Torino to major cities in Italy and abroad. For more information on the routs, costs and time schedules:


Autostazione EXTRA.TO
Corso Bolzano/Via Grattoni-Torino – www.extrato.it

Autostazione Terminal Bus
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 131h – www.autostazionetorino.it

The main companies for intercity transport should be contacted in order to book transport for passengers with disabilities.

In Torino, trains, buses, taxis and rental cars are easily accessible by everyone, from wheelchair users to mothers with strollers.


The service Taxi Torino  provides specialized vehicles available for booking.

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