Photo & Camera policy

Cameras can be brought inside the venue unless they have lenses longer than 20 cm or that can potentially obstruct the visual of the audience. In case these prerequisites are not met the organization will be allowed to ask to remove the devices. Using the flash is not allowed.

Banner policy (where and how (and if) it’s possible to hang banners in support of the athletes)

In order to make sure that everyone can fully enjoy the event and that visual is not obstructed, we provide a specific area for hanging banners inside the arena. Since the area is not accessible to the public, it is necessary to hand in the banner at the collection point, which will be located near the entrance. It will then be hung up by the staff following the order in which they were received until the area reaches full capacity.

You will receive a tag with a number in order to retrieve your banner at the end of the event.

You can hand in you banner on:
Wednesday 12:30 – 17:00
Thursday 11:00 – 14:30
Friday 11:00 – 15:00
Saturday 10:30 – 13:00

You can collect your banners at the same collection point immediately after Saturday night’s Award Ceremony and during Sunday’s Gala.
In order not to disturb the competitions, all banners received up to 45 minutes before the afternoon sessions will be hung on the same day, while those collected afterwards will be displayed the next day (if there is space available)

There is limited space so there is no guarantee that all the banners collected will be displayed.

All banners displayed outside the allocated area will be immediately removed.

What can be brought inside the Palavela (specifically: power bank, water bottles, food and drink)

Water bottles with a cap and larger than 500ml are not allowed.
Food can be brought in.
Umbrellas with a point are not allowed; folding ones are.

Is it possible to enter/exit more than once during the same day with a single event ticket?

No, it is only possible with VIP and All Event tickets.

How is the view from the first row? (does the protective glass obstruct visual?)

The venue was built for the 2006 Winter Olympics and was specifically constructed in order to allow for the best view even from the first row.

Gift & flowers policy (will there be gift boxes to deliver presents for the athletes? Are there restrictions on what can be thrown or given?)

In order not to disturb the athletes that have yet to perform, audience members are invited to leave their gifts in the allocated gift boxes. They will be delivered to the athletes by the Organization Committee.
Dolls, letters and flowers can be thrown. Bigger objects cannot be thrown and should be put in the gift boxes near the audience seats.

Are there tickets for people with disabilities?

For more information and help in purchasing tickets please contact us directly using the following address: benedetto.rebecchini@torino2019.com

Is it possible to meet the athletes and ask for an autograph before or after the training sessions?

Since in the Palavela there are no communal areas for athletes and audience, it will not be possible to meet them before or after the training sessions. Autographs can be asked outside the venue or, if you are lucky, outside the reserved area.

Can I give my ticket, which has my name on, to someone else in case I am unable to attend the event?

Yes, but they will also need an authorization approval and a copy of your ID.

How can I pay for my ticket?

With a credit card or cash.

Can I buy food, drink and merchandising at the venue?

Yes, inside the venue there are several cafes and shops where you can buy food and drinks.

Does the venue have wi-fi?

No, the Arena does not provide wi-fi.

Can I bring luggage inside the venue?

No, unless it is small or medium in size. The venue DOES NOT have a deposit for suitcases and carry-on bags.

Are water bottles allowed?

Inside the venue only water bottles up to 500ml and without a cap are allowed.